Using float model in CSS

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Here you can find a good article about the power of float model in CSS construction. This property it’s a very important in solving non-tables layouts.

Valid XHTML when inserting flash code

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Even if flash is very used on web pages a lot of web developers still don't know a correct way to insert a .swf movie into a website. There are different ways for different browsers, the <object> element with it's attributes is used for Internet Explorer needs, instead other browsers (like Firefox for example) recognize only the <embed> element. The problem is that this element isn't listed in HTML or XHTML specifications, soo the code is not valid.
To solve this problem I'm using this code which is working in both most important browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox:

  1. <object data="path_to_flash" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="557" height="127">
  2. <param name="MOVIE" value="path_to_flash">
  3. </param></object>

Using this method, now you can easily insert flash content in your site without concerning that the final source will not be valid, this works fine for HTML and even XHTML 1.0 Strict .

Good way to replace table based menus

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A heavy-table menu navigation can be replaced successfully by an unordered list formatted from css. With a little help of Javascript nested unordered lists can be quickly converted into drop-down menus. “Son of Suckerfish” (SoS) menu script, that you can find it here is developed by Patrick Griffiths and Dan Webb. This is a very good example how good can JavaScript and CSS work togheter.

Bad news for email design

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Seems that Microsoft will hit hard in email design after they said that the new Outlook 2007 will stop using the Internet Explorer engine to render the email content and will use instead Microsoft Word rendering engine. The reason of doing this is because of security they said.
Using the new render engine means poor css support like: no background images, background color will fail, almost no float or position properties (this will kill all css based design, we will have to use tables), almost no support for padding and margin.

Very useful patterns

Free Photos No Comments » this is a great page with some patterns that are very useful for anyone looking for a background in a web context. The author says that this is one of the biggest resource patterns website on the world wide web, don't know this is true but you ca find there over 250 cool patterns, those are organized in categories like lined, squares, dirty, dotted, funky etc

First post this year!

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This is the first post for this year. I have in my mind to write more often from now on, but who knows, I hope to keep it up. There are lot's of subjects out there which deserve to have few lines here in what I call my personal blog :) .

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