One of the most “productive” way to attract visitors to your website / webblog relying on your content is to use a technique called linkbaiting.
Everything you need to do, to be able to use this feature, is to ensure that you wrote a good (unique) content on your website, a content that people will like and their attention will be caught in such manner that they will post a link towards your website.
This content you have is also called a possible “hook” for the visitor that will point a link to you. Through time there were some attempts to categorize this “hooks”, most encountered are:
Informational Hooks – described as a content full with good information that can be usefull
News Hooks – content related with fresh informations about some domains
Hummor Hooks – funny content including jokes, pictures, movies
Evil Hooks – means writing some bad things about a well known product / blogger / website, that sometimes can attract a lot of audience.
Tool Hooks – creating a useful online tool that people will link to it.