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It’s been approx 7 months since I wrote the last post on this blog, meanwhile the blog remained abandoned, as I found today the links were missing, comments were closed for a long time because of the massive spam, now I opened them again.
Of course the mighty Google saw all this stuff and punished the website restraining the PR from 4 to 2 and retrieving all the given PR to the internal pages. Looking at this mess I managed to update the blog platform the the last version (WordPress 2.8.4) and I hope to come in the near future with some interesting technical posts.

More comments have been deleted

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I apologize to those who have commented on my website and none of their comments show up, I had to delete them all because of the massive spam that my blog was receiving in the last month, at least now I blocked the IP classes from which this came and things got a little clear.

A JQuery plugin

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This day I wanted to create a simple slide show composed from 5-7 images. I stopped over this plugin of Jquery called “jQuery Cycle Plugin”. It has a bunch of effects you can use and is very easy to install, run and configure for your needs.

Some comments were deleted by mistake

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Unfortunately I delete some comments by mistake when I was trying to clean some spam, so 15-20 last comments are deleted. Apologise to those who let feedback and it dissapeared.
Meanwhile as most of you know Google Chrome has been launched and I really enjoy it.

I am an engineer

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Yes. Bogdan Lungu is an engineer.
Two days ago I just passed my final exam at the University and from now on I’m an licensed engineer. Even if I work for a couple of years (~4) in the web development branch my graduation paper was on electronics and it was called: Contactors and Switches with Thyristors (SCRs).
I will continue to work as a web developer because this is what I know and do best for a couple of years and I’m experience in it.
For now I’m very glad that school is over and I can dedicate more time to become a professional in this field.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

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Yesterday I made an upgrade to my blog bringing WordPress 2.5, I’m quite impressed about the easy way to upgrade. The admin panel is very well “drawn” making things more clear and easier. The last admin was a little to cluttered and colorful in my case to much blue. 2.5 version represents 6 month of work from the WP community and brings lot’s of improvements as I saw far now.
One of the improvement is the top right bar from WYSIWYG editor with media features like: add video, add audio or add media.

Back on my blog

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Hi people,
I’m back on my blog after a long absence, being busy and let’s admit sometimes lazy to write any post. First of all WordPress 2.5 is here and I want to upgrade the blog asap.
I need to search a way to get ridd of the houndreds of spam messages that are bombarding me daily and least but not last I prepare a new orginal theme for this blog, this one being “taken” and modified for my needs.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Holidays are here, a moment of joy and good time for all of us in the middle of friends and family. I wish Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone and if this will be the last post of this year, I also say: Happy New Year!

Generate a unique string in PHP

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Here is an example of generating a unique string in PHP very useful in some cases especially when you work with large amounts of rows in a db table and you want unique and "hard to find" keys for every row.
My usual method to do this was using the strtotime() function, with "now" as the argument and to the result I was applying the md5() to get a random unique id. The result is fine until you run the script more then 1 time in a second when you get the same string. Here is the new way I do to get a real unique ID not depending on time:

  1. function unique_id(){
  2. $better_token = md5(uniqid(rand(), true));
  3. $unique_code = substr($better_token, 16);
  4. $uniqueid = $unique_code;
  5. return $uniqueid;
  6. }
  8. $id = unique_id();
  9. echo $id;

This time I use the rand() and uniqid() functions.

Got 12000+ downloads on

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My photos posted on received more then 12 000 downloads in less then a year. I have only 15 photos posted taken by me an almost an year ago, a single photo received more then 4 000+ downloads (that means much I think).
Take a look to my profile and download from there if you find something interesting.

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